Pink Light offers a variety of ways to work together. Our goal is meet your needs as

efficiently as possible. We offer licensing, custom design for manufacturers and 

business owners, trend consulting and some artwork that is available for

outright purchase. Please contact to discuss the

best way for us to help meet your design needs. We look forward to working

with you soon!


Pink Light Studio has 14 artists and brands available for licensing. We currently

have licenses in many major retailers for everyday as well as seasonal products. 

Our licensed art has been sold in such stores as  Target, Papyrus, The Apple 

Store, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Office Max, and Best Buy, to name a few. Our designs 

are also found in smaller retailers and boutique stores around the globe. We 

look forward to bringing your products to life with our licensed artwork!

Custom Design

Pink Light Studio artists are available to help manufacturers or business owners

with custom and commissioned design projects. With a variety of styles, our

team of artists are sure to exceed your expectations. We have experts that can

help you with pattern and repeats, characters, hand lettering, card designs,

scrapbook collections, wall art, packaging design, graphic design, watercolor

designs, and just about anything that you need done in the design world, we

will make it happen. Check out our artists in the "artists" section to find the style

that you are looking for. Then, email to set up a

time to discuss how Pink Light can help with your next custom project! 

Trend Consulting

Pink Light Studio has many years of experience working in product development,

which always begins with trend research. Even though Pink Light is a 

trend-setting studio, rather than a trend follower, we still need to be on top of what

is happening in the market so that we are able to accurately predict what art styles, 

colors, and prints will make sense for the upcoming seasons. By being aware of 

trends, it allows us to offer designs and products that will feel fresh and new to 

consumers a year or two from now. The key is to create a connection through our 

art with our customers, all of which starts with amazing trend research. Would you 

like to discuss how Pink Light can help with your next client presentation?

Contact to discuss our trend services.